What should I know about the other guys down the street offering whitening?

Be careful of competitors who are copy-catting off the backs of our hard work and the years of established relationships we’ve built. Check out how long the competitor has been in business. Also be leery of companies that say “more locations coming soon” and list multiple locations with only one phone number. Also, cheaper is not always better! Remember, if they are using the “Talk Bad About the Other Business” tactic to try and build their business, stay away. Pro White owners and trained technicians have invested countless hours of research on the product and the process. Pro White CANNOT be imitated, even if it appears they are doing so.

Are you affiliated with a dentist? Do you have licensing for this?

No, we are not affiliated with a dentist, nor is licensing required for this self-administered procedure.Anyone can purchase the same product and lights from Beaming White Inc. over the internet. There is no age requirement, allthough here at Pro White we do not sell our product to anyone under the age of 14 and then a parent must be present and sign our standard consent form.We tell our customers to USE common sense when deciding to purchase our product, watch our video,check out our sanitizing procedures and then decide.The dentist office is a great place to whiten your teeth and Johnson & Johnson has been selling the Crest white strips in neighborhood pharmacies for years, and as stated allready you can buy this same product over the internet. We simply offer a convenient and affordable alternative to the public.The non – dentist teeth whitening industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and the choices are many. YOU MAKE THE DECISION!

Is there any sensitivity during or after the treatment?

Sensitivity occurs during any prolonged bleaching process, such as over-the-counter strips or at-home trays purchased from your dentist. With Pro White’s system, results are achieved immediately, never giving your gums a chance to experience sensitivity.

Will this procedure harm the enamel on my teeth?

Our product is FDA compliant, safe, and will not damage the enamel on your teeth!

How long does the whitening last?

For most people, the results are long lasting. Exposure to coffees, teas, tobacco, red wines and other stain-producing substances will eventually darken teeth over time. Age, genetics, and general hygiene also have an effect on your treatments longevity. We recommend purchasing one of our maintenance pens to offset any natural staining that occurs in the months following your treatment.

How long will it take to see results?FAQ

Our clients see immediate results, varying between 3-10 shades whiter. Teeth continue to whiten for up to 24 hours following the treatment, with attention to Pro White’s after care recommendations.

What if I have bonding, crowns or partial dentures?

People forget that their teeth are live organisms, and porous, so they absorb staining agents. The artificial teeth are non-porous and do not stain. Anyone with partials, crowns, or implants are perfect candidates for the Pro White procedure. Bleaching of the natural teeth remove stains which occur over time. The result is a better match to the crowns, bonding or veneers.